We Guide You Through The Entire Purchasing Process

First, and foremost, we counsel you on the financing that will be needed for purchasing. We offer you the convenience of our In-House Mortgage Service, Caliber Home Loans, whereby you can be pre-qualified in writing, putting you in an advantageous position when making an offer to purchase. Sellers want assurance that you are qualified for a mortgage, if necessary.

Gather information on properties that match your requirements and respond to your inquiries about properties you may have come across (signs, internet, ads, etc.). It’s like having your own “personal researcher,” saving you a great deal of time. Whenever new properties come on the market in the multiple listing, we e-mail you ones that might be of interest to you. We also gather information on unlisted builder inventory and ones that are For Sale By Owners.

Show you properties, pointing out strong features and potential weaknesses. For those properties of particular interest, we will examine the Seller’s Disclosure document to learn more about the property and possible defects. We help you analyse the location. Does it fit your life style? Is it a good location from a future resale position? After showings, we will ask your feelings about each property and will decide together if we’re on the right track. If not, we’ll adjust our criteria.

Expose you to special corporate-owned properties of transferred employees, which usually are well-priced based on recent appraisals. The Sellers are very motivated, which can be a plus for you. We represent CARTUS Relocation, the world’s largest relocation company which gives us access to this attractive inventory.

Analyse the pricing of the property you might want to purchase or lease by doing a Competitive Market Analysis comparing other properties for sale and recently sold. We’ll discuss any known information about the Seller’s reason for selling that might affect the price? Then, we help you decide what price and terms you want to offer.

Thoroughly explain in detail your closing costs and other costs associated with your home purchase.

Prepare the offering and final sales contracts or rental agreement with your best interests in mind, help you decide what inspection options to choose, and add any special clauses that might benefit you. We’ll also discuss the value of a Home Warranty to protect you.

Negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price and terms possible, always keeping your offering strategy confidential.
Assist with all the contingencies of your contract including the mortgage and home inspections, and negotiate remedies to any specify problems that might arise.

Review the details for settlement such as cash requirement and documents and insurances needed.

Accompany you for a pre-settlement inspection of the property.

Attend the closing with you and answer any questions you may have.